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"a moving and candid memoir.”—from the foreword by Sue Friedman, Executive Director of Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered (FORCE)

"Ms. Horner’s account of living with a BRCA2 mutation and making the difficult decision to undergo preventive surgeries is beautifully written, highly informative, and deeply moving. This book is an outstanding resource for patients, family members, and clinicians who are facing the challenges of hereditary cancer.”—Dr. Allison W. Kurian, Director, Women’s Clinical Cancer Genetics Program, Stanford University School of Medicine




What do you do with a diagnosis that you probably will get cancer someday?

It could be months. It could be years. Or never.

Probably Someday Cancer is about the agonizing decisions I made after discovering I had a very high risk of getting breast and ovarian cancer due to a BRCA2 mutation. My options were close screenings to try to catch cancer early. Or a double mastectomy and having my ovaries removed to dramatically reduce my risk. At 41, I was the same age my grandmother was when she died of breast cancer. My son was in diapers at the time and the thought of anything happening to me was terrifying.

But how do you decide whether to have a surgery to remove your breasts to reduce your risk for a disease you don't have and may never get?


Based on extensive research, interviews, and personal experience, Probably Someday Cancer shares my experiences with surveillance  then choosing a double mastectomy—the same decision actress Angelina Jolie made for a similar genetic mutation—and the surprising diagnosis that followed.

I hope this book will help others facing hereditary risk of breast and ovarian cancer feel less alone, make informed decisions to protect their health and end the devastation that hereditary cancer has caused for generations in so many families.

Available at: Amazon,  Barnes and Noble, University of North Texas Press.

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