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Check out my Q&A with The Dallas Morning News!

I'm honored and grateful that The Dallas Morning News ran an article about my book. The article, by writer Mary Jacobs, ran online today and will appear in print on Sunday. Thank you Mary and Daniel Carde, who took a photo of me making my kale smoothie:)

I'm really happy the DMN mentioned the April 16 book signing at Barnes & Noble and ran some excerpts, including this one:

"How would I decide whether to remove a rather important body part without knowing whether it may or may not save my life? I realized that the biggest hurdle was psychological. I mean, I never worried about whether I'd still be desirable without my gallbladder."


"As genetic links continue to be discovered that can warn us about various cancers and other diseases, more and more of us will face difficult decisions about our health. How far can and should we go to prevent disease after we discover we have a hereditary risk? Which body parts or organs are we willing to live without? What are the consequences of sacrificing our breasts or ovaries? How much control do we actually have over the instructions coded into our genes?"

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