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Genetic Literacy Project

Updated: Feb 9, 2019

"Can consumer genetic tests actually make us healthier?" asks the headline of a story posted today about genetic testing by Kristen Hovet of

I was honored to be interviewed for this article, which quotes me saying that I believe genetic testing saved my life. (That's because the pathology from the double mastectomy I had to prevent breast cancer found that I already had very early stage tumor. My doctor said the tumor would not have shown up on a mammogram for a year. Without genetic testing, my cancer -- DCIS -- may not have been caught at such an early treatable stage.) I also talked about making lifestyle changes to take better care of my health after discovering I have a BRCA2 mutation.

Thank you to the nonprofit for your work to promote science literacy -- and for the opportunity to talk about how genetic testing certainly made me healthier!

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