• Kim Horner

My recalled breast implants

I had a double mastectomy and reconstruction with breast implants three years ago to reduce my very high risk of breast cancer due to a BRCA2 mutation. Now, the implants used for my reconstruction have been recalled because they have been linked to a rare lymphoma.

Allergan voluntarily recalled the implants in July at the FDA's request. However, the manufacturer and the FDA do not recommend having them removed.

That leaves women like me with anxiety about facing yet another cancer risk.

I'm grateful to Julia Naftulin of Business Insider for covering this issue and interviewing me for this article.

Like the article says, I'm researching my options for having the implants removed. Allergan is leaving patients with the problem of paying for surgery to remove the faulty devices. However, the company is offering to provide new implants.

No thanks, Allergan.

Source: CNN

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