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Probably Someday Cancer available in March

Updated: Feb 9, 2019

Probably Someday Cancer: Genetic Risk and Preventative Mastectomy is at the printer and will be out next month!

The University of North Texas Press has a wonderful promo on its website with comments from leading experts on hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. I'm so thankful for their support including the foreword by Sue Friedman, founder and executive director of FORCE (Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered):

"This book is an outstanding resource for patients, family members, and clinicians who are facing the challenges of hereditary cancer." -- Dr. Allison W. Kurian, Director, Women's Clinical Cancer Genetics Program, Stanford University School of Medicine

“With the ease and comfort of a trusted friend, Kim Horner expertly takes you through her personal journey, sharing her thoughts and evolution around the difficult decisions that she had to make about genetic counseling, testing, and risk management. This is a moving and candid memoir.” —Sue Friedman, Executive Director of FORCE

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